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The tournament & Ultifest have been postponed

We are working on reserving fields for a future date

We wish it was raining sprinkles instead of rain...

We are sad to announce that both events planned for this weekend have been rained out. However, UPLA is already formulating plans for a make up date. As soon as we have secured a new field reservation we will send out details. We understand this will not meet all schedules.

If UPLA is unable to provide a make up date due to field constraints or you are unable to attend the make up date,…

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Did you know?: the average year-to-date rainfall total for Austin, mid-May, is 11 inches?
Did you know?: Austin's current year-to-date rainfall total is 17.5 inches?

Ice Cream Social is still ON for Saturday

However, the forecast is showing a high chance of storms

Forecast as of Wednesday, 9:30 am

Inclement Weather Policy

"How do I know if the tournament is postponed?"
All games will be played as scheduled unless the field is closed by the park authority, or conditions are deemed unsafe for play by the coordinator. In other words: A tournament is NOT cancelled just because it is raining or…

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