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Cosa Nostra

Cosa Nostra was born out of a group of friends who wanted to have fun playing together.  Since it's inception in 2011, Cosa has maintained that family spirit while becoming more competitive.  We have  been to nationals continually since 2012 and we are looking to continue to be a strong, competitive mixed team in the state and the region, with a goal of qualifying for nationals and being competitive there. 

Anticipated tournaments

  • Elite-Select Challenge (TCT) Columbua, Ohio July 11-12
  • Pro-Elite Challenge (TCT) Denver, CO August 1-2
  • Sectionals August 29-30 
  • Regionals September 12-13
  • *Nationals October 1-4
2015 Captains

Erec Hillis & Emily Scholten

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2014 Season

Nationals 15th
Regionals 1st
Sectionals BYE

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Beta Iota Delta

Party at the BID-house!

BID is Austin's best Regionals-level Club Team....where the focus is always on individual skills development and team chemistry over hard-core douchebaggery and exclusionism. 

They plan to hit 2015 hard with cohesive goals and a drive to succeed.

2015 Captains

Marshall Payne & Luke Tapsak

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2014 Season

Regionals 11th
Sectionals 5th

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Pad See Ew

Pad See Ew is a home to many levels of skills and experience. We are a team that improves and develops together but is also supportive of advancing players' ultimate careers.

2015 Captains

Murph Halasz, Kevin Martin & Emily McDaniel

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2014 Season

Sectionals 10th